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What You Can and Can’t Put in a Skip


Are you wondering what a skip is? Where can I use a skip? Or what can I use a skip for? All these questions and many other can be answered by getting the real meaning behind the term skip. Don’t stress your subconscious mind.
A skip is simply a waste container that is designed in a distinctive way that it can be loaded onto a special type of lorry or truck. Skip containers come in varied designs as well as sizes. When out there looking for a skip container to purchase, you should go for a design that will satisfy your needs. You also need to ask yourself, what can I put in a skip?

Not all waste or rubbish can be put in a skip. You have to be considerate when purchasing as skip container in your nearby dealer. Here are different types of skip containers that can solve your waste management problems;

  • Open skip

    This is a skip design that is found in construction sites, and it is used for loading waste materials with much ease.

  • Closed skip

    This is a great skip design that prevents any unauthorized use of your waste container. It is also designed in a way that the volume of the disposed waste does not exceed the set maximum limit.

  • Mobile skip bins

    This is a skip design that is usually set on a trailer that comes with four wheels. You have to use a lifting mechanism to load or offload the skip from the trailer.

  • Roll-on and Roll-off skip

    This skip design is similar to open skip, however, it has to be lifted to a skip loader wagon. This is a skip design appropriate for industrial settings and not right for domestic use.

Why You Need to Get the Best Skip Design

Before you look at what can you put in a skip, there is a lot that you should keep in mind about this waste container. Skip containers come in varied sizes and styles, but it is their many benefits that will grasp your attention and that of any other homeowner. There are a number of benefits of using a skip and they include;

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  • Ease to dispose waste properly

    A skip will help you learn how to dispose waste properly with time. If it’s your very first time to use skip bins, you can gather ideas from professionals if you seek their waste disposal services. You will no longer be disposing waste messily in your home.

  • Opportunity to disposal all your waste once

    Whenever you have a lot of waste to dispose, and you know what can go in a skip, you will be able to get rid of the load at one go. Skip bins are large enough to accommodate large loads of waste. You don’t have to spend the whole day getting rid of waste.

  • Protects the environment

    When you are well acquainted with waste management strategies at home, workplace or at business premises, you will always play great roles in conserving the environment. You will know what to do with your properly stored waste in the skip, and not dispose it carelessly. Proper waste treatment is the way to go and keep the environment cleaner and safer.

  • Increase safety on construction sites

    If you have a construction project taking place, there is a lot of waste being disposed. You should not let the waste lay down in the site haphazardly. The waste may spread to other parts of the environment and may injury those visiting the site or your workers.

Construction Waste

You will have to figure out the best skip design and type to choose for waste disposal in a construction site. Remember, there are items that you cannot put in a skip. If you don’t know how to dispose your construction waste, it is wise to hire skip bins from reputed companies near you. They will provide you with incredible waste management ideas.

  • Great convenience

    Skip containers make waste disposal more convenient. They come with varied features that make it easy to access your bin fully such as rear hinge door. Hence, you will be able to dispose you waste without much hassle.

  • Inspire community participation

    Neighbours can come together and hire a skip bin that they can use together to its full potential. If the neighbours use the skip appropriately, you will not see horrid piles of waste on the roadside or sidewalk. Hence, this is a great way for the community to avert illegal dumping of waste.

Know What Not To Put in a Skip

With robust information on the many advantages of owning a skip bin, it is essential to stay informed on what to put in a skip and what can’t you put in a skip. With such information, you will be able to properly use and maintain your skip container. In addition, you will be able to use your skip for many years without unnecessary replacement.
It is not hard or challenging to use a skip. You need to gather a few ideas on how to disposal your waste into the bin and how to offload the waste once the container is full. It is not rocket science to master such an environment-friendly routine.

Skip waste

When you decide to put items in a skip, you need to know what is legal or illegal to put in these waste containers. Some skip companies will refuse to remove your waste if wrongly disposed in the bin or charge extra amount for their services. You might even be prosecuted if you deliberately dispose wrong wastes in the skip.

Before you hire a skip or buy one, here is what can’t you put in a skip. Take note;

  1. Asbestos

    You should never mix asbestos with other waste materials. Asbestos is a hazardous material and it cannot be recycled. To solve the asbestos disposal disaster, you have to only let specialist asbestos removal contractor do the work. You can also place a call to your local waste management council and seek help dispose asbestos.

  2. Batteries

    There are different types of batteries used on daily basis, and none of these types should be put in a skip. Batteries contain harmful chemicals and metals and the disposal case should be treated differently from other wastes. You are better off when disposing batteries by taking them to your nearby battery recycling centre.

  3. Gas cylinders

    Residual contents of gas cylinders are hazardous and skip companies will not disposal them. You simply need to rely on the help of your gas cylinder service providers and let them collect your unwanted cylinder

  4. Plasterboard

    If you are wondering, can you put plasterboard in a skip? This is a thought that you should never entertain in your mind. This is a material that cannot be mixed with other types of wastes.
    Simply find a way to take your plasterboard to specialized recycling plants or rely on government initiatives looking for ways to reuse plasterboard. All in all, you should at all times steer clear from the idea of putting plasterboard in skips.

  5. Tyres

    It is not allowed to put tyres in your skip whether you own it or it’s a hired one. It is a criminal offense to haphazardly dispose types whether new or old. Do a bit of homework before you think of disposing tyres into your skips. Only registered waste carriers or specialized firms are allowed to dispose tyres.

  6. Fuels, paint and solvents

    Paint, fuel and solvents all contain chemical compounds that are harmful. You should thus not put them in skips as there is no skip company’s permit that allows them to dispose them. These items require proper dispose strategies only a few agencies can handle.

  7. Medical waste

    At all times, medical waste is sensitive, and should never be haphazardly disposed. Medical waste material should never be put in an everyday skip. Some of the material used in medical settings can lead to infections and contamination if one is wrongly exposed to them. Proper disposal strategies should be followed.

  8. Electrical appliances

    The expensive electrical appliances used at home and business premises should never be put in a skip. These include equipment such as dishwashers, televisions, refrigerators and freezers. All unwanted electrical appliances should be taken to licensed waste electrical recycling facilities.

Know What To Put in a Skip

With a clear overview of what should not be put in a skip, here is what can go in a skip;

  • Plastic.
  • Wood.
  • Furniture.
  • Food and Food Packaging.
  • Empty Tins.
  • Metal.
  • Cardboard.
  • Domestic Waste.

Special Waste Disposal Cases

  • Disposing mattresses

    You will come across numerous chatters about whether to dispose certain items in skips or not. Among these issues is; can you put mattresses in a skip? Mattresses should be disposed in skips differently. If you make a mistake of disposing mattresses with other wastes, you will be charged an extra amount for the waste disposal service.

  • Disposing garden waste

    If you have a large gardening project, you should not have any problems disposing garden waste. You just need to ask, “Can I put garden waste in a skip?” and you will have a skip hire company ready to help you. You can put garden waste in a skip as material considered garden waste include grass, twigs, lawn, rubble, soil and bricks.

  • Disposing glass waste

    When it comes to glass waste disposal, you should be cautious in your waste disposal endeavours. “Can I put glass in a skip?” is a common topic of discussion among many people looking for the best skip designs to buy or hire.
    If you are disposing whole glass, you can give it away and help someone else. Check whether your municipality recycling council accepts unwanted glass. If you have any doubts putting glass in your skip, feel free to contact your waste management company and get help.

What to put in a skip

To Sum Up

Owing a skip is a great investment any homeowner can make. However, it is advisable to know what is right to put in a skip, and what should never be put in a skip bin. It is also wise to hire a skip, especially if you are handling large construction or gardening projects.

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