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Top Uses & Advantages of Skip Hire Services | Infographic

Waste collection and disposal is serious business. As you might have experienced through the course of a home renovation or garden clearing, collecting the waste that has been produced and segregating and disposing of it are immensely labour- and time-intensive tasks.

During a home renovation, for instance, a lot of waste is generated. It includes old tiles, broken cabinets and furniture, cracked countertops, worn-out carpets, and shattered glass, among others. Cleaning this all up and disposing of it in the appropriate manner is a task so herculean that it might rob you of the joy of a newly renovated home.

But what if you could outsource the task of clearing all this waste for a small fee and in return, get to put your feet up and watch it all happen. Well, that is exactly what a skip hire company does for you. Unlike what many believe, a skip bin service is not meant only for commercial purposes. So, you could call upon a skip hire service to take care of the waste that has accumulated in your garden, like grass clippings, leaves, tree trunks, soil and even rundown garden furniture. You can also use it to clear all the rubbish from your house after a tenancy ends. Waste generated during a driveway reconstruction and after a spring cleaning of your home can also be taken care of by an effective and cheap skip hire company.

Besides the convenience, there are several other advantages offered by a skip hire service. For starters, it is very cost-effective. Although skip hire cost varies from company to company and location to location, small to mid-sized skip bins can cost you as low as £200, which is an absolute bargain when you consider how much manual labour, time and money you are saved overall.

There is also the fact that all the waste collected from your place is disposed of in an eco-friendly manner. Doing this on your own is more cumbersome than it may sound. The skip hire company, on the other hand, sends all the waste to a segregating facility where it is properly sorted. What can be recycled and reused is separated from waste that can’t. Even in the latter case, no two types of waste are disposed of in the same manner. So, glass waste is disposed of differently than plastic, construction or timber waste. By hiring a skip bin service, you can ensure very little of your waste ends up in a landfill.

The advantages of skip hire services are not restricted only to the aftermath of an activity. The service ensures better safety of your work site as it removes all potentially harmful materials like broken glass, bent nails and stray tiles from the scene. The removal also clears up a lot of space, which directly aids the efficiency and productivity of the people working on your project. This ensures things are on schedule, and in some cases, even ahead of it.

If you’d like to know more about skip hire in Essex or want to rent a skip bin in Essex, do get in touch with us. TJC Transport is a pioneer in the use of modern technologies and trained personnel to clear various types of rubbish and disposing of them appropriately. We offer our affordable and efficient skip hire services in and around the Essex region.

Advantages of Skip Hire Services

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