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Recycling Symbols Explained


Recycling is essential for a clean, healthy environment, but do you know what each symbol means? In this post, we will take a look at all the recycling symbols and what each one represents. 1. On-Pack Recycling Label (OPRL) The on-pack recycling label tells you how and where you should recycle your items. These labels […]

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How Much Ballast Do I Need To Mix Concrete?


Concrete is a building material known for its marvellous strength and wide range of applications. Its usage worldwide (weight for weight) is twice that of wood, steel, plastic and aluminium combined. When mixed concrete hardens, it gives a stone-like finish that is extremely useful in construction. However, how is concrete produced, and how is the […]

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How To Get Rid And Dispose Of Tyres

Tyres are typical by-products of vehicles. They often need a change due to wear and tear. Also, tyres may crack or have holes in them. Disposing old tyres could be a challenge due to their shape and non-biodegradability. The conventional method of car tyres disposal is stockpiling or dumping illegally. These methods only provide a […]

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